Those who enjoy fishing for Red Snapper in Florida’s pristine fishing locations just got welcoming news, the original 24 day snapper season has been nearly doubled and will now last 40 days in Florida’s Gulf of Mexico waters.

The new extended Red Snapper season is expected to take place from June 11th – July 1st. Those who wish to take part in this season should do so on their private recreational vessels, or with for-hire operations who do not have a federal reef fish permit. For-hire operations are restricted, however, and are limited to only targeting reef fish in Gulf state waters.

Florida enabled an extended Red Snapper season through a fishery-management pilot program, also known as an exempted fishing permit. The exempted fishing permit does not apply to commercial fisherman or for-hire operations with a valid federal reef permit. The season for for-hire operations with a valid permit will take place from June 1st – July 22nd.

Those wishing to take advantage of the extended Red Snapper season should visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision website for details.