You check your list three or four times before you start the engine to the boat and head out onto the open waters for some fun and relaxing activities. Halfway to your favorite spot the engine sputters, shutters, and stops. You have run out of gas. What do you do?

Proper Preparations

Before going out on the water, it is essential to know how much gas is in the tank and how to refill it if necessary. Remember to not fill the tank to the brim because heat causes gas to expand which may lead to leaking in an overfilled tank. If you have a sight meter, take a close look and log it. If not keeping good records and measuring the tank is essential to your routine before disembarking

Rule of Thirds

You need to remember to calculate the amount of gas needed for your trip, one way, and multiply by three. One third to get there, one third to get back, and one third for emergencies. If your tank can’t hold enough, be sure you have enough portable tanks stored properly for adequate coverage. 

Weather Conditions

Improper calculations can be made if weather conditions worsen while out on the water. Choppy waters cause a boat to require more fuel to cross. If inclement weather is projected for the day, be sure to add in the extra fuel consumption to your logs. 

What to do if you’re stranded

Running out of fuel isn’t the only thing that can incapacitate you in the water, but one of the most common. Be sure someone on dry land knows where you’re going and what time you will be back. Keep a cell phone or radio in good working condition with the number to the local stations to call in your time of need. Set your anchor, call for help, hydrate, apply sunscreen, wear your life vest, and remain calm. 

Running out of gas on the water or land isn’t easy. With the proper preparations, logs, and calculations it could be avoided. Harbortown Marina – Canaveral will assist you with filling up and keep the fuel costs lower.

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