Introducing the Harbortown On-The-Go App! Now Available for Android and iOS

Harbortown Marina App

This brand new app is a tool for Harbortown Marina customers and boaters planning to visit the Port Canaveral, Florida, area. Customers can now quickly and easily make Boat Splash or Work Cradle requests. Check Gas Prices on our ethanol-free gas and diesel, view Local Weather reports, and stay up to date on Harbortown Marina happenings and announcements!

Make Boat Splash or Work Cradle Requests

With the app, Harbortown Marina Customers can make Boat Splash or Work Cradle requests instantly! Just enter your Last Name, your Splash Password, the Time you’d like your boat to be ready, toggle the Request Type you are making, and hit “Send Request”.

Once you make a request, a Harbortown Marina Crew Member will respond with a confirmation. You can choose whether you are contacted via Text, Call, or Email.

Check Gas Prices

Harbortown Marina offers ethanol-free gas and diesel on site for your convenience. Check Gas Prices before you arrive at the pump straight from the app!

Check the Local Weather

With the tap of a finger, check the local weather at Harbortown Marina (2 miles west of Port Canaveral), or toggle ‘Current Location’ to view the weather where you are.


Stay up to date with what’s going on at Harbortown and in the Port Canaveral area with the Announcements section. We will also send important notices through push notifications, if you enable this feature.

[Click Here to Download the Harbortown App on Google Play]

[Click Here to Download the Harbortown App for iOS Devices]