We all know the saying, “There’s an app for that!”, but are we using the app market to its full advantage? Having a useful app is known to make life easier, so what kind of apps for fishing in Brevard County are out there to make your day out on the water a successful one? Whether you are on the Banana River, Indian River, or deep sea fishing off the shores of Cocoa Beach, there’s an app for that!

Here are Five Must-Have Apps for Every Fisherman in Brevard County:

  1. Hooked

Hooked is an ios app that will make remembering your fishing sweet spots a breeze. With Hooked, users are able to accurately track their fishing trips while recording the size, type, and weight of each fish caught. This will surely make fishing easy for any fishermen looking to visit the Space Coast! Want to brag about your latest catch? Hooked offers seamless sharing of any fish caught along the way, as well as personalized competitions among your friends. This app for fishing in Brevard County is perfect for any fishermen wanting to share their catch of the day and challenge their friends to do better!

  1. IGFA Mobile

Photo from Local Angler, @redfishing321

This app for fishing in Brevard County is not only useful if you like to keep a rule book on hand, but also if you plan on catching a record-breaking fish! The International Game Fishing App is the perfect tool to identify a catch, plan a trip, or even see if you’ve caught something worth bragging about. With this app, you get a list of IFGA rules and records right at your fingertips. Next time you’re in Brevard County, use this app to check if you’ve managed to break any records!

  1. Deeper Fish Finder

About the size of a tennis ball, the Deeper Fish Finder instantly projects a detailed underwater map to your phone or tablet. Using bluetooth and sonar technology, its size allows the Deeper Fish Finder to be used from the shore or mounted to a boat or kayak, making it the perfect tool for cruising down Mosquito Lagoon. Although the app is free, the hardware required to run the app will cost you about $199. This may seem like a hefty price for an app for fishing in Brevard County, but it may be worth it for the serious sportsman.

  1. Fishing Planet

Fishing trip down the Indian River Lagoon canceled due to the weather? No need to worry, Fishing Planet is here to help! This immersive app for fishing is a unique and highly realistic online first-person multiplayer fishing simulator developed for anglers to bring you the full thrill of actual fishing. The game goes as far as letting users choose their own lures, hook size, and rod type. Think that’s accurate? Get even more detailed when choosing the correct tackle, bait, and leader line length. The best part of Fishing Planet? It’s completely free to play!

  1. The Harbortown Marina App

HT App Promo imageDon’t forget that Harbortown Marina has an app of our own! The Harbortown “On-The-Go” app is perfect for those staying in or visiting Port. Canaveral, Florida. Our app can be a useful app for fishing in Brevard County because we provide up to date weather reports, marina gas prices, and the ability to easily make boat splash or cradle requests! When fishing in Brevard County, make sure to stop by our marina located in Merritt Island, Florida!

After this list, it seems clear that finding an app for fishing in Brevard County is simple for any fishermen! Whether you are wanting to make your attempt at breaking a record, or looking for lower gas prices while visiting the coast, there’s an app for that! Don’t forget to visit Harbortown Marina on your next visit, and download our Harbortown “On-The-Go” app for information on our latest fuel prices and local weather. We hope to see you soon!