Whether it’s time, money, or fuel efficiency, dry rack storage could save you a lot more than you think!

The first thing many boat owners want to know when considering dry rack storage is predictable: How much is it going to cost them? For many, the thought of dry rack storage seems out of budget. What some boat owners may not realize is that it could be more cost efficient than trailering their boat!

Here are some of the ways dry rack storage can save you a ton of, well, everything:

Maintain your MPG

When trailering a boat, one not only has to worry about the ever-changing price of fuel, but also the effects trailering could have on their vehicle. In most cases, every 100 pounds of extra weight diminishes MPG by 2%! This means that with a typical 21 foot boat and trailer weighing 3,500 pounds, a boater can expect to see a 50% drop in their vehicle’s MPG! With dry rack storage, boaters have the ability to maintain their vehicle’s MPG, which means saving money at the pump.

Keep Your Family Vehicle

Another reason dry rack storage can be more beneficial than trailering is that boaters won’t need to worry about trading in the family sports car for a diesel truck! Dry rack storage eliminates the need of a vehicle capable of trailering a boat. With dry rack storage, boat owners simply need to place a call one hour ahead of their anticipated arrival, and by the time they reach the marina their boat will be ready to go! Boaters that keep their vessels in rack storage can save around two hours per trip by skipping the boat ramp. Talk about cost efficient! After all, what’s more valuable than a person’s time?

Enjoy Top-Notch Amenities and Low-priced Fuel

Cheapest Fuel on the Space Coast at Harbortown

Enjoy the Cheapest Fuel on the Space Coast at Harbortown!

At Harbortown Marina, dry rack storage comes with multiple benefits that are sure to save you money. With the lowest ethanol-free fuel prices on the Space Coast, a professional staff handling your boat both in and out of the water, and access to Harbortown Marina amenities such as an on-site restaurant, pool, family recreation area, dog run, and free wifi… dry rack storage becomes a lot more than just a safe place to store a boat!

Have an Enjoyable, Stress-free Day on the Water

Whether they are in it for the safety of their boat, the many convenient amenities that come with storing, or because they’re not ready to trade in that sports car just yet… it’s easy to see why Central Florida boaters are choosing dry rack storage at Harbortown Marina. So next time you feel like a spontaneous day on the water, don’t stress about the boat ramp and give us a call instead. We will have you out on the water in no time!

For more information about Dry Rack Storage at Harbortown Marina, or to schedule a free tour, call us at 321-453-0160. Harbortown is located just 2.5 miles west of Port Canaveral, FL, between the Indian and Banana rivers.

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