Brevard County has often been noted as a boater’s paradise. With its beautiful beaches, intercoastal waterways, and close proximity to Orlando, Florida, it’s no wonder Boaters in Brevard County enjoy spending their days out on the water.For Boaters in Brevard County, life can mean a lot more than just enjoying a day in the sun. Residents of Brevard County work tirelessly day after day to help maintain our beautiful waterways, and there is always room for more helping hands! If you enjoy being a Boater in Brevard County, and are looking for ways to help maintain our community waterways, Harbortown Marina – Canaveral has some resources for you!


Here are Some Tips on How Brevard Boaters can Help Maintain our Waterways.

  1. Prevent Oily Discharge.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways Boaters in Brevard County can help maintain our waterways is to ensure that you are practicing responsible boating. Always remember to keep your engine well-tuned and to routinely check for any spills. Ensuring that your boat engine is not leaking into area waterways can make a huge impact on the health of our surrounding environment.

Equipment tip: Securing an oil absorbent pad or pillow in your bilge can help reduce spills! Make sure to check the pads often to avoid clogging the bilge pump.

  1. Report Spills.

When it comes to maintaining our waterways, Boaters in Brevard County are some of our most observant citizens! It is those who are out on the water day in and day out who will notice a change in our surrounding ecosystems first. Perhaps the most important way a Boater in Brevard County can help maintain our waterways is by reporting any suspicious activity, including fish kills, oil spills, debris pile ups and more.

Local Tip: See something out of the ordinary? Contact Brevard County’s Natural Resources Management Department: 321-633-2016.

  1.   Volunteer!

Brevard County Residents, whether by land or boat, are doing their part each and every day to keep our communities thriving! Organizations such as Keep Brevard Beautiful are always looking for more helping hands. Local environmental groups, like KBB host a variety of volunteer opportunities, including multiple waterway cleanups each month!

A Special Thank You from Harbortown Marina – Canaveral

Whether you are choosing to practice responsible boating, or lending a helping hand to area volunteers, Boaters in Brevard County are doing their part to Keep Brevard Beautiful each and every day! We thank our residents at Harbortown Marina – Canaveral who practice responsible boating. To those who volunteer and remain eco-friendly, we thank you!