Harbortown Marina – Canaveral has plenty of resources for boat owners preparing for a storm: 

If you are currently storing your boat at Harbortown Marina – Canaveral, here are some ways you can prepare:

  • Double up mooring lines, leaving slack for your boat to move in the water
  • Protect vulnerable angles with extra fenders
  • Remove all loose gear on and around your boat
  • Remove sails and any canvas that could shred in high winds
  • Top off all fuel tanks and pump out holding tanks
  • In the event the marina loses power – no fuel can be pumped
  • All batteries fully charged and bilge pumps operating properly
  • Evacuate the marina when directed to – at that time – all power will be shut off to the marina

 Useful Hurricane Info for Brevard County Boaters:

Harbortown Marina – Canaveral has put together a checklist of essentials boaters will need in the event of a hurricane: Download our Hurricane Season Checklist

View our Hurricane Infographic for facts and stats on Hurricanes like Irma: View Infographic

Some Tips to Get Hurricane Ready Like a Pro:

It is recommended to start your storm prep 48-72 hours in advance to allow ample time for unforeseen problems and to get your boat hurricane ready and safe from any strong storm.

First and foremost, get your boat out of the water, or to a safe haven well before the storm approaches. If your boat is small enough to remove from the water, move it to dry storage, or a secure location above likely flood areas. Large boats should be transported to a safe haven as far from the open waterway as possible. Keep in mind drawbridges may cease operation before a storm, so make passage through these as soon as possible.

Secure your boat, and protect it from impact. Gather extra fenders and used tires to protect your boat from any vulnerable angles. Double up on mooring lines, but tie it up so there’s room to drift up and down on the tide.  Secure all hatches, and seal all openings. Remove all loose items from the vessel, and secure anything likely to shift around during a storm.

Make sure you remove all valuables and important documents from your vessel – particularly insurance information! Remember that damage to piers and other boats caused by your boat are legally your responsibility.