Covered Rack Storage

Boat owners know that having a boat places endless opportunity for relaxation and recreation at your fingertips! Escape the stresses of everyday life, and find peace on the water – spend quality time doing things you love with your family, and create memories that linger for a lifetime. One thing you might want to give some thought to is how you want to store and protect this valuable asset. Many people are already enjoying the benefits of dry rack storage, and for all of the right reasons. Here are some of the ways that the benefits of dry rack storage can help you.

Save on Both Time and Money with Covered Storage

Dry rack storage is the most convenient option for small to mid-sized boat storage; it gets your boat in and out of the water quickly, and saves you the hassle of waiting in line at the boat ramp. Just call an hour ahead of time, and Harbortown Marina can have your boat in the water when you arrive, and then clean the water line and flush the engines before placing her back in the rack upon your return.IMG_6051

The benefits of dry rack storage can in many cases far outweigh the costs involved. Save money and time by eliminating the extra fuel costs of hauling your boat back and forth from your home or remote storage destination and the boat ramp. With the lowest ethanol-free fuel prices in the Merritt Island/Port Canaveral area, fuel up on-site at Harbortown and know that you’re getting the best price, and the best quality fuel for your boat.

Additionally, since your boat is kept away from deteriorating environmental forces, storing your boat this way also inevitably lowers maintenance costs. Reduce the amount of salt water deterioration and gel coat damage caused by the sun’s UV rays, and keep upholstery looking brand new!

Protect Your Vessel from the Elements and Other Threats

There is never a 100% guaranteed way to ensure safety during a severe weather event, but there are certain measures a boat owner can take to lower the risk of damage during a storm. One of the most commonly sought out benefits of dry rack storage is increased protection during severe weather, and with coastal sections of Florida seeing around 80 to 90 thunderstorm days per year, it’s clear why. Not only does dry rack storage help protects against weather-related damages, but also theft and vandalism, making protection one of the greatest benefits of dry rack storage.

Enjoy a Large Variety of Marina Amenities

IMG_6108Perhaps you have seen our Top 5 Amenities at Harbortown Marina blog, but in case you haven’t, you should know that the benefits of dry rack storage don’t stop after your boat has been put away for the day. Harbortown Marina is home to many new and updated amenities that will make any boat owner question going home after a day out on the water. Guests can enjoy our heated pool, a marina store fully stocked with all of your boating needs, recreational areas with BBQ grills, and a dog-friendly and family friendly environment. All of these are just a part of the benefits of dry rack storage at Harbortown Marina.

The benefits of Dry Rack Storage are extensive:

  • Easy access to your boat allows for more frequent outings, less prep work, and more time on the water
  • No need for a large vehicle or trailer
  • Professional staff maintaining your boat in and out of the water
  • Lowest priced ethanol-free fuel in the Merritt Island/Port Canaveral area on-site
  • Secure, protected environment for your boat both from the elements and intruders
  • Optimal performance and improved fuel economy
  • No more lines at boat ramps
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Preserves the value of your boat
  • Less impact on the environment

To find out more about dry rack storage provided by Harbortown Marina, give us a call at (321) 453- 0160, or check out our Current Specials!