When fishing in Brevard County, whether you’re in the Indian River Lagoon, on the Banana River, or off the coast of Port Canaveral, it’s all about what you KNOW!

Here are three helpful tips on what to know about fishing for Mahi Mahi, or just “Mahi”, off the coast of Brevard County.


  1. Know WHEN to Fish

If you’re looking for the perfect time to catch Mahi when fishing off the coast of Brevard County, look no further than the summer season. April, May, and June are the prime months for Mahi fishing. Not only is it the best time to catch larger fish, it’s also the best time to be out on the water. With summer temperatures sitting at an average of 80 degrees fahrenheit, and it being prime Mahi season, you’ll be catching some sunshine along with the fish!  

Unless there was a full moon the night before, mornings are the best time to fish.  If there was a full moon, fish probably fed all night, and going out in the evening would be your best bet for a catch.  Typically, the worst times to fish for Mahi are after a full moon or 5 days before a full moon. If you are choosing WHEN to fish, always remember to factor in water temperatures and moon phases.


  1. Know WHERE to Look

With Mahi calling all offshore Florida waters home, there are many places to choose when wanting to fish for Mahi in Florida. Fishing offshore in Brevard County not only provides access to the offshore salt waters Mahi call home, but access to inshore, unique, fresh, and brackish fishing spots such as the Banana River and Indian Lagoonl. This is the place where Spotted Sea Trout, Red Drum, and a variety of unique fish dwell.

Without using a fishfinder, you might search for Mahi by taking note of where area birds are flying, as they often are chasing schools of fish and bait, which can lead to a great catch. If the birds are diving into the water that means there is a good chance mahi are underneath pushing bait fish to the water surface.

Look for buoys or weedlines to target your casts toward and try to be as stealth as possible. Mahi love structure and on way to find them is to turn off your motor and drift towards the structure.  Before doing this, make sure you analyze the wind and currents so you can position the boat for a successful drift. This might take a few attempts to intercept your target, but patience makes a great fisherman for Mahi!


  1. Know WHERE to Stay

Making sure that you’re staying close to prime fishing locations is important when fishing offshore in Brevard County, and Harbortown Marina is the perfect spot to be in the center of it all. We’re located in Merritt Island, Florida, between the Indian and Banana Rivers. Harbortown Marina features a naturally protected harbor with minimal tidal changes, which is not subject to mandatory evacuations in case of a storm. With access to the Port Canaveral lock, Harbortown Marina – Canaveral is the perfect place to stay, not only when fishing for Mahi Mahi, but when fishing inshore in Brevard County. Staying here is the best way to stay in the middle of the fishing action!

So there you have it friends, three things you should know for Mahi Mahi offshore fishing off the coast of Brevard County – Port Canaveral. Make sure to stop by Harbortown Marina on your next trip to enjoy our on-site restaurant, access prime fishing spots, fill up the lowest priced ethanol-free fuel in the area, and more. We’re excited to see you here.

Happy casting!