Outdoor Cradle Storage

Is finding a spot for your boat like trying to fit a “Square Peg” into a “Round Hole”?

Harbortown has the storage space for large, oversized, and unique shaped boats.  New cradles just added!

Harbortown Marina now offers an Outdoor Cradle Storage option for boats that don’t fit easily into covered rack storage spots. No matter the size or shape of your boat, we have a storage solution at Harbortown Marina in Merritt Island, FL. Outdoor Cradle Storage is a great choice for larger boats, and is a more economic option than other types of dry storage.


Call the office for more information: 321-453-0160

*Boat must be measured for exact pricing

HT Map with Port Canaveral
Harbortown Marina is 2.5 Miles West of Port Canaveral Ocean Access