If you were lucky enough to reel in a nice redfish or two while you were out fishing this past weekend, try out this simple yet mouth-watering recipe! Assuming you have a grill on board, you can even pull it off right on your boat.


Redfish fillets (scales left on)
Olive oil
Worcestershire sauce
Lemon wedges
Lemon pepper seasoning
Blackening seasoning
Cajun seasoning
1 Beer of your choice


1.  Fillet your Redfish, leaving the scales and skin on. The scales provide the perfect protection from harsh flames.

2.  Light your coals.

3.  Season the fleshy side of each fillet with lemon pepper, blackening seasoning, and Cajun seasoning.

4.  Pour some Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice down each fillet, and then rub with some olive oil.

5.  Top off each fillet with a couple squares of butter for extra moisture and flavor as it cooks.

6.  Your coals should be hot by now, so it’s time to place your filets on the grill, scale side down. There’s no need to turn fish while cooking.

7.  Open up your beer of choice, and by the time you finish it, your fillets should flake when gently prodded with a fork (about 20 minutes).

We hope you enjoy this recipe. There’s no better feeling than having a meal that you caught and prepared yourself on the open water! Next time you’re out on the boat near Port Canaveral, stop by Harbortown Marina and say hello – We offer ethanol-free gas and diesel. Sign up for the Harbortown Rewards Club (top-right of this webpage) for 5 cents off your next fill up.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon offers anglers a chance (the only chance in the world) to sight fish giant redfish in clear water 2-3 feet deep throughout the year?