Boating near Port Canaveral is a popular choice among tourists and area residents alike. With the area located in close proximity to the NASA and SpaceX facilities, cruise terminals, and Orlando theme parks, it’s no wonder that Brevard County saw a 13.6% increase in funds from its Tourism Development Tax in 2016.

While it is clear that boating near Port Canaveral may succeed in offering beautiful sites that attract many out of town visitors, it also comes with hazards that many individuals new to the area may be unfamiliar with. Recently, a video from the area’s cruise terminal went viral after jet skiers made their way past restricted lines and into the direct path of a Carnival cruise liner; an act that could have proven fatal if terminal police had not acted swiftly.

Here are Some Important Rules to Know When Boating Near Port Canaveral:

When boating near Port Canaveral, it is important to know that boating and fishing is not allowed in any secured area of Port Canaveral. These secured areas are fenced in on both the north and south ends of the port, and require a Canaveral Port Authority badge for entry.

Those boating near Port Canaveral should also note that boating and fishing in the Trident Basin and within 200 feet of the Navy Pier in the Middle Basin is prohibited. In addition to these restricted areas, no boating or fishing is allowed in the West Basin on days when cruise ships are present. Crew-center provides a calendar each year of when these days will take place.

If you are wishing to enjoy boating near Port Canaveral, it is important to follow all rules and regulations established both federally and locally by the Canaveral Port Authority, which has designated secure and restricted areas within the ports. These areas will be clearly marked and indicate that unauthorized access is prohibited. Please also note that security zones are to be established 100 yards around all tank vessels, cruise ships, and military pre-positioned ships.

When unfamiliar of local area rules, it is important to take the time and find the answers before assuming what is and isn’t a safe location while boating near Port Canaveral. Remember that many locals, such as the staff at Harbortown Marina, are familiar with local rules and regulations and can help advise you on the best locations for boating near Port Canaveral. With local expertise and a centrally located marina, Harbortown will have you safely out on the water in no time!

Harbortown Marina is the perfect place to visit when boating near Port Canaveral, offering covered rack storage, long term dry storage, wet slips, and outdoor cradle storage.  The marina is home to a large variety of updated amenities including a resident recreation area, dog run area, and ethanol-free fuel on-site. Harbortown Marina is proudly a naturally protected harbor with minimal tidal changes, and provides access to both the Indian and Banana rivers, with deep water access to the ocean via the Canaveral Lock.

Harbortown Marina is 2.5 Miles West of Port Canaveral Ocean Access