Let’s face it. Even the most exciting stuff gets boring after a while.

No matter how long you’ve owned a boat, you’ve probably already tried all the standard boating activities, such as fishing, swimming, relaxing, and exploring.

If you want to rekindle the fiery fun, it’s time to take up something different. Read on! When you finish this article, you’ll be exploding with inspiration.

 1. Kneeboarding

While you need extensive practice and experience to go surfing or water-skiing, kneeboarding is a much easier sport to take on. By standing on your knees, you can keep your balance while enjoying the same amount of fun as professional surfers. This is a wonderful activity for the entire family. Read more about being safe on the water with these 6 Tips for Water Skiing on the Indian River Lagoon!

2. Playing Cards

No matter the size of your boat there is always space for a friendly game of poker (or any other card game). Invite guests, dress up, nominate a dealer, and play on! It could become an unforgettable boat ride for all of you. Poker isn’t your game? A deck of cards allows you to play dozens of different games! Try these 40+ Great Card Games For All Occasions!

3. Visiting a Marina

Visiting a marina doesn’t just involve fueling up or parking. At Harbortown Marina – Canaveral it’s a place to enjoy a variety of activities, from eating at the on-site restaurant, swimming in our heated pool, shopping at our Marina Store, spending time at our Family Spot, or enjoying the view of our beautiful marina! When you feel bored out on the water, join the fun at our marina! Visit Our Website to see all the amenities available!

4. Cooking Seafood Dishes

Whether you’ve caught a big fish or bought it at the nearest store, cooking new seafood dishes can be an extraordinary experience. Buy all you need for a grandiose dinner out on the water. You’ll be amazed at how ravenous you’ll feel. Try our Simple Yet Addictive Grilled Redfish Recipe!

5. Bring a Furry Friend

Bring your dog along. No reason your dog can’t join you on your next voyage. We are a pet-friendly marina. Read these tips from Harbortown Marina – Canaveral to Keep Your Fur Babies Safe on Board Your Boat.

6. Read a Book

Bring a book/e-reader. Many newer e-readers are waterproof and are safe to bring onto your boat. That book you’ve been meaning to get around to isn’t going to read itself – now is your chance! Need ideas? Try these 9 Nautical Novels To Bring With You The Next Time You Hop Aboard A Boat.

Final Thoughts

Boating has many different angles. It’s an endless source of fun, relaxation, and inspiration. Fuel up at Harbortown Marina Canaveral before diving into the new sea of amazing discoveries.