Summer has hit the Space Coast, and hot weather fishing is the name of the game. Warmer water temperatures bring on a variety of species throughout the region. If you’re wondering which fish are biting during the summertime in Brevard County, look no further than this list. 

Here are seven fish you are likely to catch this summer:

Snook: Snook are highly sensitive to water temperature and tend to do best in warmer waters. Hence their abundance in the inshore waters of the Space Coast during the summer. Check out Banana and Indian lagoons near the mangroves or jetty entrances. During the late evening or night try fishing with topwater lures around docks, sea walls, or piers for good snook fishing this time of year.

Tarpon: Tarpon can tolerate a wide range of salinities and can be found in both the ocean and the backwater estuary waters of Brevard. June and July are the best summer months for hooking a tarpon. Use live bait such as pinfish, finger mullet, or large live shrimp to get the best results.

Redfish: Mosquito Lagoon is known as the redfish capital of the world, and you can undoubtedly hook them here all summer long. Sebastian Inlet State Park is also a hot spot for redfish. Look for them on the grass flats in the early morning and late afternoons, especially after an afternoon thundershower. Live bait and or cut bait such as mullet or blue crab work well. However, a gold spoon or soft plastic jig can also do the trick! 

Ladyfish: The large-eyed ladyfish can be caught any time of year in Brevard Co., including the summer. Look for this saltwater fish in bays and estuaries by using live or fresh cut bait such as mullet or shrimp. If you catch a couple in a row, you may be near a large school which a topwater plug or essentially any saltwater lure will have you hooked up.  Hold on tight, because these ladyfish have a lot of manpower with their hard-hitting strikes and jumping

Black Drum: Black drum is a saltwater fish that averages around 2-5 pounds, but 10-20 pound fish are not uncommon.  Black drum can grow very decades older weighing over 50 lbs. These drums have the ability to crush crustaceans like their cousin red drum which prefer fiddler crabs, blue crabs, or fresh dead shrimp and tend to hang out near the mangrove trees and deeper holes in the Banana and Indian Rivers. Under the bridges are a great place to catch the larger black drum, but make sure you have a strong line because the barnacles on the pylons will break the line after a hookup.

Barracuda: If you’re looking to catch some game fish offshore, you’re likely to pull in a barracuda. The best time for barracuda fishing is during the warm summer months. You can catch these on soft plastic tube lures or any other spinning tackle should work well. Just watch out for their sharp teeth!

Whether you’re hoping to fish the Banana River, the Indian River, or the great blue ocean — summer is an excellent time for hooking fish in Brevard County.

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