Indian and Banana River Fishing Guide: Wintertime Speckled Trout

When hooking a trout, it is common for them to come immediately to the surface shaking their heads often resulting in “the one that got away.” If you are lucky enough to still have a fish on the other line, expect the trout to make unpredictable runs from left to right, and if large enough, make sure your drag is set. Be careful to keep them away from the docks where they can run you across a barnacle covered pylon; then, it’s not only a lost fish but a lost lure or hook.

Fall Mullet Run and Snook Season Opens

Have you ever seen the fall mullet run? It is pretty spectacular if you have not. The Indian River and Banana River Lagoon run parallel with the Atlantic Coast line where this southbound migration happens. Snook, Redfish, Bluefish, Lady Fish, Sharks, and much more will be a lot of fun to catch for Brevard County anglers. The most prized of all is the world famous common snook.