Boating is an amazing experience. Sharing it with your family is priceless. However, while you may enjoy quiet days sitting on the deck and daydreaming, your family is likely to demand something more exciting.

Throw some fun into the mix with these simple tips.

1. Prep Your Fishing Poles

Fishing is one of the most exciting activities that kids love. Thankfully, they can fish all they want without a license. Meanwhile, if you are planning to help them, read about permits.

Consider bringing some store-bought fish with you on the trip so if your fishing efforts fail, you can still enjoy your favorite seafood dishes.

2. Give Boating Lessons

One of the most rewarding parts about boating is sharing your experience with someone. Give your family a few of your favorite boating tips and test their new skills before the trip is over. You can even come up with some fun boating trivia.

3. Declare a “No Device” Policy

A boat trip is an excellent opportunity to leave the Wi-Fi zone and experience a delicate unity with nature. However, kids tend to be glued to their smartphones, playing games or watching videos.

Declare a “no device” policy so you can enjoy distraction-free family time.

4. Choose a Family-Friendly Marina

Family-friendly marinas like Harbortown Marina – Canaveral offer exciting on-site amenities, such as stores, restaurants, BBQ grills, and playgrounds.

When the weather isn’t warm enough for swimming, you can take advantage of our heated swimming pool!

5. Bring Music

A Bluetooth stereo and a smartphone could become exceptions to your “no device” rule if all they do is play music. Entertain your family with your favorite relaxing tunes. Then allow kids to become your personal boat DJs.

Final Word

When it comes to boating with your family, safety should come first. Explain all boat rules before allowing your loved ones to board.