Harbortown Marina – Canaveral is working hard to prepare for Hurricane Irma. Safety is our number one priority but we are also working hard to protect our assets and those of our customers. As stated in our Harbortown contracts, care and custody of any vessel is not the responsibility of the Marina. However, we must ensure the marina is protected which may lead to us having to secure vessels that have not been secured properly by the vessel owner.
Last year during Hurricane Matthew we found ourselves scrambling to secure some of our customer’s boats that had not been addressed. Unfortunately, this turned into a large undertaking at the 11th hour and also a significant cost for the marina. In fact, we even had other customers jump in to assist with securing boats because we could not handle the last minute volume.
To protect our customers’ assets and those of Harbortown, we require all customers to ensure that their boats are cleared of debris. We also require that all boats stored in wet slips are double tied and that their deck boxes are secured to the docks. While not required, we also suggest that our customers consider removing Bimini tops and eisenglass, as those have sustained the most damage during previous hurricanes.
With that said, if any of our customers are unable to make it to the marina by this Friday, September 8, 2017 at 3pm to properly clean and/or secure their vessel, we are offering to assist, with pricing listed below:
• Double Tie Boats in the slips – $30.00
• Removal of Debris from boat – $50.00
• Removal and Storage of Dock Box – $50.00
• Removal and Storage of Bimini Top – $30.00
• Removal and Storage of Eisenglass – $30.00
• 5/8” X 25’ Dock Lines: – short term customers $34.99 (+ tax) – 6 – 12 month contract customers receive a 20% discount $28.00 (+ tax)
Please note, our actions to secure vessels, shall not be deemed an assumption of responsibility for the safety, security and care of the vessel by Marina. Please also note that this pricing is for customers that notify us prior to 3pm Friday, that they would like us to take these actions. However, if we inspect the marina and see debris on boats or boats that are not secured appropriately, we will do our best to address them last minute but the pricing above will be doubled and will be billed to the customer’s account.