Life on the open water is a fun hobby to share with the whole family. Our furry friends are a part of our families and keeping them safe on the water is essential too. Check out these tips for sailing safely with your pet on board:

Prepare Your Boat

All activities naturally force us to check them out to ensure safety for our loved ones and us. The same goes when deciding to bring a pet on board. You want to check to make sure there aren’t harmful substances laying around for a pet to ingest. You can cover up any openings that smaller pets will likely find a cozy hideaway that may be unsafe for them to crawl into. Finally, bring along things your pet feels at home with. Cats might appreciate a scratching post. Dogs may love to have their favorite bed on the deck.

Prepare Your Pet

Whether it’s their first time on a boat or their second lifestyle, pets require preparation before sailing the seas. For first-timers, try bringing your pet on board a few times to acclimate them to the surroundings. Choppy waters are frequent when sailing the Atlantic in and out of port. It’s safe for all boat patrons to buckle up with life jackets. You can get one for your pet, too, in case they go overboard. There are many pet stores near the Cape Canaveral area equipped with pet life vests.

More Pet Preparations:

  • Keep vaccines up to date.
  • Consider a microchip.
  • Engrave contact information and boat name on a collar or name tag.

Safety and Comfort for Your Pet

While out on the water, your pet will need plenty of water and shade. The sun is more direct on a boat, and a pet’s skin can be sensitive with too much exposure. When your pet has to go potty, consider for dogs, training them on a newspaper or plan for marina pit stops along your route. Harbortown Marina provides a pet-friendly marina with a fenced-in play area! 

Your fur baby will be delighted to join in your adventures on the water. For more tips and tricks on boating, check us out today!