If you own a boat or you are thinking of buying one, and you live in Central Florida, you will need to think about boat storage. And living here there is more to think about than simple storage. Due to the weather conditions during hurricane season, you want to be sure that your boat is stored safely and protected from the elements.

There are two most popular types of boat storage, dry slip, and wet slip, and there are pros and cons to each:

–          Wet Slip –  Leaving your boat in the water for long periods of time requires you to paint the bottom, epoxy and have a diver periodically clean the bottom. You will need to have an automatic bilge pump and a good cover as well.  Over time the effects of being continually wet will catch up with your boat so be prepared to pay a little more over time. The benefit to a wet slip is that you can live aboard and use your boat anytime you want, day or night without waiting for a splash.

–          Dry Slip – Dry storage is much easier on your boat in terms of maintenance. The effects of saltwater can be washed away after each use and the time required between re-painting is cut down significantly. As well, during hurricane season your boat is less likely to be damaged as it will not face the violent waves and close proximity of other vessels. The downside is that when you wish to use your boat you have to call ahead to the marina and have them put it in the water, not great for those spontaneous trips. Your boat is better protected during a hurricane, though oftentimes buildings are damaged or destroyed in a hurricane as well so there is no guarantee.

Pros and Cons of Storing Your Boat at a Marina vs. Trailering it to a Boat Ramp:

Pros and Cons of Marina Dry Rack Storage

There are many things to look for when you are choosing where to leave your boat. Ownership is a huge investment and responsibility and you don’t want to leave your vessel just anywhere. Your best bet is a marina that has good security, affordable rates, and cheap fuel prices.

Wet slips in Port Canaveral are leased. Services and amenities will vary but may include such things as cable and Wi-Fi, as well as other hookups like telephone, water and electric. Pump out services and optional lifts may also be available and if these are important to you be sure to inquire before renting as some marinas will not allow lifts, or only allow a certain size or number.

It is very important in the Port Canaveral and Merritt Island area that you store your boat where it will be safe from hurricanes. While there are never any guarantees, some marinas are better equipped and set up than others. You may find a marina that has a hurricane rated building where you can move your boat in the event that a hurricane is predicted.  Be sure to purchase adequate insurance at any rate to protect your investment.

Other things to look for when choosing boat storage in Port Canaveral and Merritt Island are good service, clean facilities, easy access to open water, and concierge services. A large and well-lit parking lot is a bonus as well. Be sure to have a checklist ready when shopping for wet slip storage in the Port Canaveral and Merritt Island area.