The Brevard County Holiday Boat Parades are Happening Soon!

Whether you are a Brevard County Boat Owner wishing to take part in some holiday cheer, or a bystander wanting to get a glance at what this year’s boat parades have to offer, Harbortown Marina – Canaveral has the information on the dates, times, and location of Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Titusville, Port Canaveral boat parades you need!

Here is a Full List of Brevard County Holiday Boat Parades:

Merritt Island –

The Merritt Island Christmas Boat Parade will be taking place on Saturday, December 16th starting at 5:30 PM. The Captain’s Party for this event will be taking place on December 14th from 6 – 8 PM on the upper deck of Fishlips Waterfront Bar and Grill at the Port. Those who wish to be registered for judging during the boat parade must attend this event.  The event will also include “Best House Party Contest” signup, “Best Decorated Boat” contest signup, cash jackpots, door prizes, raffle prizes, and more.

Visit the Merritt Island Boat Parade Facebook Page for More Information.

Cocoa Beach-

The Cocoa Beach Christmas Boat Parade will be taking place on Saturday, December 9th at 6:00 PM. The Captain’s meeting for this parade will be Wednesday, November 29 at 6:00 pm at the Cocoa Beach Golf Course 19th Hole. Those who would like to take a shot at winning the best decorated boat prize must attend this meeting.

For those wishing to observe the Cocoa Beach Christmas Boat Parade, the starting point will be Mile Marker 101, near Centennial Park, on State Road 520.

According to the Cocoa Beach Boat Parade website, best vantage points for this parade can be found at:



Titusville –

Plans for the Titusville Boat Parade are still being discussed, and we will do our best to update this post as soon as new information is released.

Port Canaveral –

According to Florida by Water, the 2016 Parade was canceled and no information has been released about re-starting this event in 2017.  As more information comes out, we will work to update this post.

Those who wish to follow along with the boat parade schedule, or those who wish to seek out other festivities in the Florida area may reference Florida by Water, an active list of currently scheduled and upcoming parades.

From all of us here at Harbortown Marina, we wish you a happy holiday season and hope that you enjoy some of the most festive boats Brevard County has to offer!