Boating is a fun activity. While most people prefer boating during the day, night boating can be an entirely delightful experience. Whether you find yourself out in the dark for night fishing or even a moonlit romantic dinner, these insightful tips will prove helpful when undertaking your night activity.

1. Slow Down

During the night, visibility is significantly reduced, and it becomes difficult to navigate through the inky dark waters. Distances become a bit confusing to judge, you cannot see obstacles, and the change in temperature and moisture creates visibility distortion. If you are moving too fast, you might not be in time to stop the boat when any obstruction comes your way.

2. Turn Down the Ambient Lights

Ensure that you dim your lights as much as possible, from the chart plotter to the courtesy lights. Any amount of light in your boat decreases your ability to see past the bow because your eyes automatically adjust to the immediate light available. When you have dim lights, your eyes will adjust to peak efficiency for night vision.

3. Keep Your Ears Open

With a lower vision, you have to utilize your sense of hearing. You could preferably turn off the stereo or the radio in your boat and listen. You will want to hear bells, horns, markers, or engines of approaching vessels. When you can’t entirely rely on your eyes, your hearing might be more acute in the dark.

4. Trust Your Navigation Instruments

Putting into consideration that it’s during the night, your eyes can play tricks on you. If your chart plotter is trustworthy, don’t be tempted to doubt it. If it hasn’t been updated, and you suddenly decide it’s wrong, slow down and approach with caution until you are in a position to figure out your ears, eyes, and electronics are right.

5. Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Night!

 Night boating is an entirely different experience compared to the daytime. It’s often quiet and less overall traffic. Enjoy the open water, more refreshing breeze, and calmer water.

Harbortown Marina – Canaveral is a transient friendly marina and welcomes short term dockage for boaters passing through for a night or a week! We are centrally located between the Indian & Banana Rivers with close deep-water access to the ocean through Port Canaveral. Call ahead to ensure vacancy for wet-slip dockage 321-453-0160.